Voltage, Temperature, and Humidity Measurement with 10 ms Sampling

Key Features

  • 15 ch, voltage/temperature (thermocouples)/humidity measurement
  • Sampling rate of up to 10 ms with 15 channels
  • For DC voltage measurement and temperature measurement using thermocouples

Model No. (Order Code)

U8550 For the LR8450, LR8450-01
U8550 cannot perform measurement by itself. Memory HiLogger LR8450 or LR8450-01 is required separately.

Basic specifications

Accuracy guaranteed: 1 year
Connectable instruments Memory HiLogger LR8450 (Designed for use with plug-in units only)
Memory HiLogger LR8450-01 (Wireless LAN model)
Operating temperature
and humidity
-10°C to 50°C, 80% RH or less (no condensation)
Storage temperature
and humidity
-20°C to 60°C, 80% RH or less (no condensation)
Vibration resistance JIS D 1601:1995 5.3(1), Class 1A (passenger vehicle) equivalent
Included accessories Instruction manual × 1, mounting screw × 2
Number of input
15 ch (Able to set voltage, temperature using the thermocouple, and humidity for each channel)
Input terminals M3 screw-type terminal block (2 terminals per channel)
Voltage, temperature using the thermocouple, and humidity
Input type Scanning by semiconductor relays
All channels isolated (Not isolated when measuring humidity)

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