Strange analog (D/A) output from the PW3335

QI use the PW3335-02 by connecting its analog output to a data logger. However, the output value does not match the PW3335 display.


The D/A output of the PW3335-02/04 has the following functions which have differing output voltages and speeds.

  • Level output:  2Vf.s. (STD2) or 5Vf.s. (STD5)
  • High speed level output:  2Vf.s. (FAST2) or 5Vf.s. (FAST5)
  • Waveform output:  1Vf.s. (FAST)

Pleadse refer to the instruction manual for more details.

[ Applicable models ]
PW3335-02, PW3335-04, PW3336-02, PW3336-03, PW3337-02, PW3337-03