Event Fully Booked Sep. 15, 2022 - Sep. 22, 2022

HIOKI joins ETAS Connections 2022

Updates : Sep. 15, 2022

HIOKI will present high accuracy power analysis solutions in combination with the INCA software at the ETAS Connections 2022.

The 2-day event will take place in Stuttgart with an agenda loaded with automotive and new mobility topics.

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HIOKI's power analyzers and INCA software can be connected with an add-on!

 Advantages of connection with INCA

- Power efficiency and loss measurement values that are essential for electric powertrain development can be integrated into INCA.

- ECU control values, CAN communication, and actual phenomena are recorded in a single measurement data, improving analysis efficiency.

- Automatic switching of control parameters and test patterns is supported in combination with INCA-FLOW.

- Accurate measurement data can be used for rapid prototyping to shorten development time and improve calibration quality.


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