Product Oct. 12, 2020

MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8450-01 Receives 2020 Good Design Award

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    MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8450 with two plug-in units (up to four supported)
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    A wireless unit (up to seven supported)

HIOKI is pleased to announce that its MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8450-01 has been honored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion with a 2020 Good Design Award.


The organization has granted Good Design Awards to recognize excellence in overall product design for more than 50 years, and Hioki has received 76 of the accolades (including two Long Life Design Awards) since 1985.

Hioki products are designed to enrich life and society by offering a pleasant experience when held and used. In addition to honoring the LR8450-01’s measurement functionality and design features, this award recognizes that the instrument has been designed to meet user needs and expectations.

Characteristics of the MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8450-01(wireless LAN model)

The MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8450-01 is a Wi-Fi-capable data logger that is ideal for collecting data from remote locations and measuring phenomena in settings where it would be difficult to establish wired connections to the instrument. It can accommodate up to seven wireless units with up to 330 channels.

Hioki has received extensive feedback from users who wish to measure numerous channels at faster sampling rates in applications such as electric vehicle (EV) development, measure strain on vehicle chassis or batteries at the same time as temperature, and measure strain wirelessly so that they can eliminate issues during measurement by significantly reducing the number of man-hours spent running wires. The MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8450-01 meets these needs.

Principal applications

  • Testing of automobiles, agricultural and construction machinery, and electric equipment
  • Embedding in preventive maintenance systems for production equipment at manufacturing plants and other equipment used to evaluate phenomena

Judge’s comments

The product allows various sensor units, which can be expanded in a flexible manner as needed, to be connected directly to facilitate high-speed measurement or wirelessly for simpler wiring. With features including a design that lets units be connected and disconnected directly and without twisting to avoid wire breaks and the inclusion of an A/D converter in each unit to maintain speed when multiple units are connected, the instrument excels as a system for high-speed simultaneous measurement of a wide range of phenomena in numerous locations.


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