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HIOKI Product Warranties

Dear Valued Customers:

Thank you for choosing HIOKI. HIOKI’s approach to product warranties is described below.

Product Warranties

HIOKI’s product warranty extends for a period of one year from the date of purchase. (If the date of purchase is unknown, the warranty extends for a period of one year from the date of manufacture.) During this period, HIOKI will repair or replace free of charge any product suffering from a malfunction deemed to be the manufacturer’s responsibility. Products labeled as having a three-year warranty are covered for a period of three years from the date of purchase (or if the date of purchase is unknown, a period of three years from the date of manufacture).

Warranty Scope

HIOKI products’ specifications, performance, and functionality are verified on a product-by-product basis. While we verify proper operation of products that are connected in a standard manner, we ask the customer to do so themselves when connecting HIOKI products to other companies’ products. HIOKI is only able to cover HIOKI products with its product warranty, the scope of which does not extend to connected devices or the results of connected devices. In the event of an issue, HIOKI will repair or replace free of charge affected HIOKI products. Claims seeking compensation for property damage are limited to the product’s purchase price.

Accuracy Guarantee Period

Products with explicit guaranteed accuracy periods are guaranteed to perform to the accuracy advertised in their specifications for the indicated period of time after their shipment from our factory. In the event you experience an accuracy anomaly during that period, HIOKI will adjust the instrument free of charge. This offer of free-of-charge adjustment is limited to the first accuracy anomaly to occur during the guaranteed accuracy period after shipment of the product.

Calibration Frequency

Calibration is required to verify whether products are able to make measurements within the defined accuracy. We believe it is important for customers to determine an appropriate calibration frequency based on their operating environment and the importance of the measurements being made. HIOKI provides a guaranteed accuracy period on a product-by-product basis that is intended to serve as a suggested calibration frequency.

Service Period

HIOKI reserves the right to improve products and change models without notice in order to strengthen product competitiveness and improve productivity. We endeavor to aside a supply of spare parts for discontinued products to ensure that they can be repaired for a minimum of five years following the cessation of production. When it is difficult to do so for reasons stemming from social or economic conditions, we may recommend that customers switch to an alternative model.

Inspection and Calibration Service

We will offer inspection and calibration service for discontinued products as long as we are able to do this work at our facilities. Please contact your HIOKI distributor for more information about inspection, repair, or calibration service.