Check the Deterioration of Oil Capacitors in Train Cars

Periodically check the deterioration of the oil capacitors in the power supply system of train cars using the tangent delta values.

The C- and D-values of the capacitor can be measured simultaneously to determine the deterioration.

C measurement (at 120 Hz): Measurement in a wide range from 9.40 pF to 999.99 mF (D: 0.0001 to 1.9900)

A comparator function enables setting the high and low limits for the main parameter (C) and sub parameter (D), respectively. The judgment result can be indicated with a buzzer and LED and output to an external device.

Compact and lightweight (Approx. 210 [W] x 100 [H] x 168 [D] mm and 2.5 kg).

Seven parameters (|Z|, θ, R, C, L, D [tan б], and Q) can be measured and 5 combinations of the main and sub parameters (Z and θ, C and D, L and D, and L and Q) are available.

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