Evaluate the Efficiency of a DC-DC Converter with the PW3390 Power Analyzer

Power conditioners are widely used to generate power from alternative energies sources such as solar and wind.  Save research time and money by measuring the input and output voltage, current, power, and efficiency between the input and output of DC-DC converters that are included in power conditioners to ensure that the equipment is optimized.

With the PW3390, you can:
·    Display the voltage, current, power, and efficiency between input and output in any position on a single screen.
·    Measure with a DC accuracy of ±0.26% (when using the AC/DC CURRENT SENSOR CT6862, CT6863, 9709, or CT6865).
·    Measure high voltages of up to 1500 V.
·    Test large currents of up to 1000 A (when using the 1000 A rated current sensor).
·    Wide array of current sensors available - including highly accurate feed-through and clamp-on models capable of on-site measurement after installation.
·    Measure ALL PARAMETERS simultaneously, and collect data at the industry's fastest rate of 50 ms for further analysis and evaluation.
·    View voltage and current waveforms sampled at 500 kHz while measuring noise at up to 100 kHz.
·    Use the D/A output option to acquire isolated voltage and current waveforms (at a 500 kHz sampling rate).
·    Connect with a HIOKI MEMORY HiCORDER to confidently capture inrush current waveforms and output voltage waveforms during input and load fluctuations.

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