Evaluation of the Efficiency of Solar Inverters That Support High-Voltage Input


Energy losses can be reduced by transmitting power at high voltages. To boost the efficiency of power generation systems, the use of solar inverters that support high-voltage input is on the rise. It is necessary to measure high voltages to measure the efficiency of those devices.


  • (Measurement Example) Efficiency Measurement of Solar Inverters

The VT1005 can be used with a power analyzer PW8001 to measure the efficiency of inverters that use SiC power devices.

High-Voltage Measurements

The VT1005 allows power analyzers to measure voltages of up to 5000 V.

Measurement Category

  • 5000 V rms (±7100 Vpeak) No measurement category
  • 2000 V rms CAT II
  • 1500 V rms CAT III

Measurement of High-Frequency Components

The VT1005’s measurement band is DC to 4 MHz, allowing it to measure voltage from DC to high frequencies.In addition, the excellent flatness of the amplitude and phase characteristics in the measurement band enables highly accurate power measurement.

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