Difference between models CT6841-50 and CT6841A (Current Sensor)

QWhat has changed between AC/DC Current Probe CT6841A and CT6841-05?


The CT6841A takes over the excellent operation performance of the legacy CT6841-05 and further improves its performance and functions. The main differences are as follows:

1. Amplitude accuracy (DC): improved from ±0.3% rdg. to ±0.2% rdg.
2. Frequency bandwidth: increased from 1 MHz to 2 MHz
3. Output noise: reduced from less than 5 mVpp to less than 1.2 mV rms
4. Automatic recognition of the current sensor when connected to the Power Analyzer PW8001

- The Power Analyzer PW8001 can now automatically recognise the rated current, phase correction value, model name, and product serial number of the current sensor. 
This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to set the phase correction value or making an input error, which used to be entered manually.
- When connected to the Power Analyzer PW6001 and PW3390, only the rated current is automatically recognised.

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