How many hours of data can be recorded with data loggers?

QI planned to record 4 days of data with the LR8514 Wireless Humidity Logger but when I launched the Logger Utility, only 1 day of data was saved. I started measurement 4 days ago, but it looks like only half a day of data was logged. I used a 100ms measurement interval. What could be the issue?


Please check whether or not “Continuous Recording” has been set to ON or OFF.  The LR8514 has the capacity to store 500,000 sets of data.  At a 100ms recording interval, if Continuous Recording is set to “ON (ENDLESS)”, 500,000 sets of 100ms sampled data is equivalent to 13.8 hours of data.  Any data recorded before this time is automatically overwritten.  Please refer to the table below for reference, and use a longer recording interval to log over longer durations.