New standard for test probes

QI heard that the IEC 61010 international safety standard for measuring instruments has been revised. What has changed?


The IEC 61010-031 international safety standard for probes was revised, and the new standard went into effect in March 2011. There were two major changes made in response to safety-related requests. The pins on the tips of test probes used for CAT III and CAT IV measurements are now required to limit exposed metal to 4 mm or less (compared to 19 mm previously) to prevent short-circuits and to use two layers of differently colored insulation to allow cable wear to be detectable visually (compared to a single layer previously). HIOKI will modify its testers, probes, and other measurement products over time to comply with these revisions. Safety categories are also defined based on the measuring instrument itself. For example, even if the probe being used is a CAT III 1,000 V model, the CAT III 600 V safety standard will apply if the measuring instrument being used is a CAT III 600 V model.