DC Large Current and Power Conversion Efficiency Measurement of Plating System Power Supplies


Surface treatment (plating) equipment for parts used in transportation equipment (e.g. automobiles and railroads) and industrial application equipment (e.g. electronic components) requires high-performance DC power supplies with an output capacity of several thousand amperes. Accurately measuring the input/output characteristics of a power supply is very important for the development and maintenance of a high-performance DC power supplies that have the features of low ripple DC output, high efficiency, light weight, quietness, and long life. Generally speaking, the amount of plating film deposited onto a component is proportional to the applied current. In other words, since the plating film thickness is controlled by the amount of the applied current, it is necessary to know, with high-accuracy measurement, just how much current is being applied.

Recommended Measurement System Example

This application describes how to measure current of a plating equipment system. By inputting the current from the sensors and the voltage to the power analyzer PW6001-06, the added current value and input/output conversion efficiency can be obtained.

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