Inspect the Stress on Factory UPS Caused by Voltage Dips

Frequent voltage dips can stress uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). By observing power waveforms over several days and analyzing behavior with the Power Quality Analyzer PQ3198, remedial measures can be taken.


The PQ3198’s Event function captures voltage fluctuations.
Use it to reduce UPS stress and take measures to avoid equipment malfunctions related to voltage dips.

■Voltage Event
① Voltage dips to 90 Vrms. At this time the load is switched from the mains supply to the UPS.
② Voltage rises to 116 Vrms. The voltage waveform changes from a sine wave to a square wave.
③ Square wave output continues for 1.25 seconds.
④ The load is switched from the UPS back to the mains supply, at which time the voltage momentarily dips to 78 Vrms.

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