Repair and Calibration

Repair and Calibration

Service Contents

The following service applies to the case that calibration and repair are performed at Hioki E.E. Corporation headquarters.

1. Calibration

When requesting service, specify the type of calibration you wish to have performed for your product. Check the list of products for which Hioki no longer offers repair or calibration service.

Repair and Calibration Service Information by Product

-1. Calibration with adjustment (Post-adjustment accuracy guarantee)

■ What is adjustment?

When Hioki adjusts your instrument, we first evaluate its performance by comparing actual measurement results with predetermined standard values. If there is any discrepancy between the two, the instrument’s values will be corrected so as to bring them into alignment with the reference values.

Post-adjustment accuracy guarantee

What is post-adjustment accuracy guarantee?

Hioki guarantees instrument accuracy after adjustment carried out as part of the calibration or repair process. If an adjusted instrument fails to deliver the specified level of accuracy for the duration of the guarantee, Hioki will inspect, readjust, and calibrate it free of charge.

Duration of the post-adjustment accuacy guarantee

The duration of the post-adjustment accuracy guarantee is determined on a product-by-product basis. Please refer to the general catalog or Hioki’s website. With some exceptions, the accuracy of adjusted instruments is guaranteed for the duration of the recommended calibration interval. The guarantee starts on the date of shipment from our factory.

Conditions of the post-adjustment accuacy guarantee

  • The post-adjustment accuracy guarantee is a guarantee of measured value accuracy. It is not a product warranty.
  • Reduced accuracy caused by part service life or deterioration is subject to for-fee repair.
  • Reduced accuracy that is deemed likely to have been caused by damage or the conditions characterizing the environment in which the instrument was stored or operated is subject to fee-based repair.
  • If we feel that the accuracy of a product that has been shipped to us for repair or calibration work is likely to deteriorate after shipment, we may decline to offer a post-adjustment accuracy guarantee. In such cases, we will contact you to inform you of this decision.

This is Hioki’s standard recommended calibration service. Even if your product's pre-adjustment calibration results fall within the applicable standards, Hioki will still adjust your instrument for optimal performance and repeat the calibration process. In case of calibration with adjustment, accuracy is guaranteed during the suggested calibration frequency period except for some products.

Repair and Calibration Service Information by Product

Why is calibration with adjustment recommended?

By having your instrument adjusted and calibrated at each recommended calibration interval, you can keep divergence from true values within the accuracy range.

However, if you only have your instrument calibrated (certification only), it may not deliver the expected level of accuracy once the recommended calibration interval has passed.

Hioki recommends calibration with adjustment in order to maintain your measuring instrument’s performance so that you can use it secure in the knowledge that it will yield correct measured values.

  • The post-adjustment accuracy guarantee applies to calibration with adjustment performed at Hioki E.E. Corporation headquarters.

Hioki products are designed so that they will maintain accuracy throughout the calibration interval as long as (a) calibration with adjustment is performed at the recommended calibration interval and (b) the product is used and stored under the designated environmental conditions (temperature, etc.).

Change in pre-adjustment calibration values over time

If a product exhibits deteriorated accuracy, it may be experiencing an issue that requires repair. You can prevent such issues by having your product calibrated by Hioki at each calibration interval.

-2. Calibration (Record of results only)

■What is calibration?

When Hioki calibrates your instruments, the relationship between the value that indicates for a given standard, standard sample, or other defined specimen, and that sample’s true value is calculated.

This service consists of calibration only.

2. Repair

Hioki will conduct a series of failure diagnostics to assess the state of your instrument’s appearance and internal operation. Then, our technicians will repair, adjust, and calibrate your instrument based on the results. Upon request,a record of test results (test report) for the calibration that was performed after repair and adjustment can also be issued.

Repair work is covered by a six-month warranty (when the same defects has been found), and accuracy is guaranteed in accordance with the same terms and provisions as the post-adjustment accuracy guarantee that is offered after calibration with adjustment.