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Measuring volume resistivity and surface resistivity of conductive materials using the four-point method

The four-point method can be used to measure volume resistivity, surface resistivity, and conductivity.

Four-terminal measurement using four-point probes can be used to calculate volume resistivity and surface resistivity (sheet resistance). Fourpoint probe measurement is made possible by the Resistance Meter RM3545, four-point probes, and a desktop application.
• Four-point probes are available in two variants with probe spacing of 1.5 mm and 5.0 mm.
• Measured parameters include volume resistivity, surface resistivity, and conductivity. Resistance values can also be chosen as a reference value.
• The application displays a correction coefficient calculated based on the entered sample dimensions and measurement position coordinates.
• The application provides a JIS K 7194-compliant* measurement mode (when using 5.0 mm-spaced probes).
• The application provides convenient functionality for displaying probing position guides, displaying a measurement history, and outputting measurement results as a CSV file.
• Low resistance values are measured with basic accuracy of 0.006% and a maximum resolution of 0.01 μΩ (as per the RM3535’s specifications), allowing volume resistivity to be calculated with a high degree of precision.

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