GENNECT Cloud SF4180

Cloud service for the GENNECT series

Key Features

  • Connects to the GENNECT series to provides added value through cloud services
  • Makes measurement more convenient with features like exchanging data via the cloud and enabling remote measurement
  • Offers a range of plans and payment methods

Model No. (Order Code)

SF4180 Free plan with basic functions
SF4181-01 GENNECT Cloud Standard 1 month license
SF4181-03 GENNECT Cloud Standard 3 month license
SF4181-12 GENNECT Cloud Standard 12 month license
SF4182-01 GENNECT Cloud Pro 1 month license
SF4182-03 GENNECT Cloud Pro 3 month license
SF4182-12 GENNECT Cloud Pro 12 month license

GENNECT website: More information about using and configuring the service

Visit Hioki's GENNECT minisite for more information about GENNECT Cloud and the GENNECT series of products and services.

Click here to visit the GENNECT website.


Dedicated cloud service for Hioki's GENNECT series

GENNECT Cloud is a cloud service designed specifically for Hioki's GENNECT series. By linking GENNECT series services with GENNECT Cloud, you can make onsite measurement even more convenient.

Services that can be used with GENNECT Cloud
- GENNECT Remote

Choose a suitable plan for your application

GENNECT Cloud offers three price plans for users to choose from depending on their application. A free introductory trial is also available.

- Free: Complimentary plan A free version of the service provides access to basic function. Able to basic capabilities like the monitor and drive functions.
- Basic: Paid plan Enhances the Free plan with more cloud storage space and access to the console function.
- Pro: Paid plan Offers even more cloud storage space, access to Web API, and other capabilities.

Two payment methods are available: regular license purchase and automatic recurring purchase (a subscription) by credit card.

Click here to create a GENNECT Cloud account.

Common Functions

Monitor function Collect and save GENNECT polled data (logged at a 1 min. interval) and display it in real time.
Drive functionality Manage and export GENNECT polled data and instrument data fi les.
Alarm function Alarm notifi cation destinations: Email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, LINE, GENNECT Cross
Saving instrument data files Instrument data files generated by instruments are uploaded to the service's cloud server.
Application list function Displays a list of GENNECT Cross and GENNECT One installations that have connected to GENNECT Cloud. You can enable/disable and delete applications.
Equipment list function Displays a list of instruments that have connected to GENNECT Cloud.
License management Apply for a license plan, manage your plan, and set or change your payment method.

Basic Functions per Plan

(Free, usage limited to
3 months)
(Fees apply)
(Fees apply)
Console function Control instruments remotely
(not supported by GENNECT Cross)
Control instruments remotely
(not supported by GENNECT Cross)
Cloud storage space 500 MB 5 GB 50 GB 500 GB
No. of users / No. of teams /
No. of measurement groups
1 / 0 / 1 3 / 3 / 1 10 100
Max. no. of alarms per measurement group 1 3 30 100
WebAPI use No No No Yes
Dashboard function 1 per measurement group 3 per measurement group 10 per measurement group

You can also set up automatic ongoing payments (a subscription) by credit card.


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