Test the Voltage after Replacing an LED Lighting Fixture


This is useful for testing the voltage when, for example, replacing an existing lighting fixture on the ceiling with an LED lighting fixture.



  • Measure the voltage using a Clamp On Current Meter with a voltage measurement function.
  • The thin and lightweight AC CLAMP METER 3280-10 or AC CLAMP METER CM3289 is ideal for work in a high places.
  • The terminal voltage of the lighting fixture can be measured by holding the test lead wires for voltage measurement in both hands.
  • Clamp, for example, the sensor part to the lighting fixture and let it hang in the air.
  • Set the measurement function to voltage.


The sensor part of the AC Clamp Meter is designed to be able to support the weight of the tester, but be careful not to apply excessive force to the sensor part and test lead wires by, for example, pulling the main body or test lead wires while the tester is clamped.


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