Measure Fan Speed Rotation

Measure the rotation speed of a fan without contact.


- The rotation speed of a fan can be measured safely without contacting it at a distance of up to 500 mm.
- Measurement can be performed at the point of either the blade or shaft of the fan.
- Rotation speed is measured by counting the pulses of light reflecting off the reflective tape.
- Treatment is made to reduce the influence of direct sunlight.
- Use of the analog and pulse output of the FT3406 Tacho HiTester enable measuring changes in the rotation speed with a data logger.

How to use

- Put the 9211 Reflective Tape on the measurement location.
- Focus the light from the FT3405 or FT6406 Tacho HiTester on the reflective tape.
- The measurement distance is 50 to 500 mm and the measurement range is 30 to 99990 rpm.

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