Zero-Carbon Battery Manufacturing

The Power of Collaboration between Hioki, SVOLT, and Dr. Octopus


As efforts to reduce carbon emissions progress, the European Union implements regulations pertaining to batteries and spent batteries. This includes initiatives like the European Union's Critical Raw Materials Act, leading to the establishment of carbon tariff barriers. Given this situation, transitioning to zero carbon becomes a necessary step for companies operating within the battery industry.

Introduction to Collaboration

In recent years, the swiftly emerging battery company, SVOLT Energy, has rigorously followed high-quality production standards, sophisticated and thorough process flows, and a systematic quality control system. Examples of these range from the selection of battery cells to the installation of production lines, and even in tracking product quality data. Leveraging its ongoing focus on technology and smart manufacturing, SVOLT Energy is speeding up efforts to achieve record-lows in carbon emissions and carbon neutrality objectives by refining manufacturing processes and minimizing quality risks.

To ensure the quality and safety of battery products, SVOLT Energy meticulously oversees every aspect of the production process. Quality checks are crucial during production, especially testing for open-circuit voltage and internal resistance—vital criteria for identifying defects. Meeting these criteria is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of the batteries. Furthermore, in order to meet the seemingly conflicting demands for high-precision testing and high-speed automation, SVOLT Energy has selected the battery tester BT3562A from Hioki for the battery internal resistance and open-circuit voltage (OCV) testing.

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Explore the BT3562A's role in revolutionizing SVOLT's battery production through our detailed video. This video offers a deep-dive into the technology's application and its significance.

Introduction to the BT3562A

The battery tester BT3562A can simultaneously measure key parameters such as the battery's internal resistance and open-circuit voltage, making it an ideal choice for integration into battery production line testing systems. The BT3560s series is designed to withstand up to ±30 kV (*1) of static electricity. Through this, it prevents static-caused malfunctions and minimizes downtime. In addition, the BT3562A is characterized by high precision and quick response, enabling it to complete tests in a very short time and support data uploads to Dr. Octopus's global lithium battery data platform. Through in-depth data analysis and processing, it is possible to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the battery's various states and performances. This, in turn, reduces quality deviations, extends battery life, and enhances battery safety.

  • *1:±30 kV IEC 61000-4-2 contact discharge

Future Synergies

The collaborative dynamic among Hioki, SVOLT, and Dr. Octopus is set to grow, addressing the need for precise, sophisticated measurements and streamlined testing. This alliance is driving the battery industry toward a digital, low-carbon future.

About the Collaborators

SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a derivative of Great Wall Motors, is a leading figure in automotive batteries and energy storage solutions. Dr. Octopus Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an SVOLT subsidiary, specializes in AI-driven manufacturing solutions for the energy industry. HIOKI E.E. Corporation, founded in 1935, is a global leader in the electrical measurement industry. HIOKI (Shanghai) Measurement Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hioki, serves as its headquarters in China. It currently oversees its two subsidiaries, HIOKI (Shanghai) Technology Development Co., Ltd., and HIOKI (Shanghai) Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd., the latter which has branch offices and agencies in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and other locations.

Moving Forward

This partnership underscores the collective dedication of Hioki, SVOLT, and Dr. Octopus to enhance battery manufacturing, marking a new standard for sustainability in the industry.

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