Calibration points for temperature (Humidity Logger LR5001)

QHave sent the Humidity Logger LR5001 for calibration. There was only one test point for temperature, but is it possible to cover the whole range with only one calibration point?


For temperature calibration of LR5001 and temperature/humidity sensors, if the following is found in the measurement data of one point at 25°C during calibration, the entire accuracy range of the specifications is guaranteed.

In the specifications, the allowable range at 25°C is 24.5°C to 25.5°C.
If the measurement data during calibration at 25°C can be further tightened and confirmed to be within 24.6°C to 25.4°C, it has been proven in the evaluation stage that the accuracy specification is met over the entire temperature range, considering the impact of linear.

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