Process Analyzer

V2.05.0 Mar 09, 2021

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The bare board inspection result data by the flying probe tester can be read and analyzed in a simple way.
* Process Analyzer Pro (UA1801) can also be used with the same application.

Version Upgrade History

V2.05.0 (March 2021)
✓  Supported multi-piece class data.

V2.04.0 (January 2021)
✓  Supported reading FA1813 test data and result data.
✓  Supported new judgment code.

V2.03.0 (October 2020)
✓  Added the CSV exporting function of singularity degree list.

V2.02.1 (October 2020)
✓  Fixed the bug of wrong net number displaying.

V2.02.0 (July 2020)
✓  Added the Reload Result Data function.
✓  Added the Meas. Value Map Reverse Display function.
✓  Added the S.D. List Filtering function.
✓ Other minor modifications

V2.01.0 (April 2020)
✓ Supports Traditional Chinese

V2.00.0 (March 2020)
✓ Implemented Process Analyzer Pro

V1.02.0 (September 2019)
✓ Enabled to load Manually Output File
✓ Added the automatic version upgrade function

V1.01.0 (April 2019)
✓ Enabled to load test data of FA1816
✓ Fixed a bug that fails to start the application under certain conditions.

V1.00.0 (January 2019)
✓ First release

Operating Environment

Windows 10 (64bit)
.NET Framework 4.6