Tough and Ready for the Field
IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof

Earthing or grounding of electrical equipment is essential to maintain safety, protecting lives, as well as prevent damage to equipment. The FT6031-50 is a IP67 dustproof and waterproof two-pole or three-pole ground resistance tester with large, easy-to-read display, highly sensitive earthing rods, and innovative cable winder that significantly reduces the amount of time needed to complete earth resistance tests.

CAT IV 100 V, CAT III 150 V, CAT II 300 V

Easy! Just connect the optional Z3210 Wireless Adapter to your Hioki compatible instrument, to make it Bluetooth® ready.

Wirelessly connect Hioki-compliant instruments with a simple connection.
Transmit measured values to your tablet or smartphone.

Key Features

  • Easily transfer measurement data to your smartphone or tablet by using our free app GENNECT Cross or to an Excel® file. (Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary)
  • Excellent noise resistance
  • IP67 protected – top of the industry
  • Test all ground types from Class A to Class D with a single meter
  • Wide 0Ω to 2000Ω measurement range
  • Minimize cabling time with innovative earthing rods and cable winder

Model No. (Order Code)

FT6031-50 Wireless Adapter Z3210 not included
FT6031-90 Bundled with the Wireless Adapter Z3210

Data can be downloaded to tablets and smartphones using Hioki’s dedicated free app "GENNECT Cross," available from the Google Play or App Store.

Wireless support - Wireless communication capability for even greater convenience than FT6031 (legacy model)

Compatible with Wireless Adapter Z3210 (optional). It transfers measurements to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to quickly create reports with field photos and drawings.

See details about Wireless Adapter Z3210

Instantly create reports by a free app (GENNECT Cross)

GENNECT Cross, a free app designed specifically for use with Hioki measuring instruments, lets you check and manage measurement results and create reports.
The software provides a range of functionality that helps manage data in the field, including photographing measurement sites, placing measurement results on photographs, and saving hand written memos.

Optional Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary.

Click here for details about GENNECT Cross

Easily transfer measurement data to an Excel® file

Excel® Direct Input function allows you to input measurement values directly and automatically into an Excel® file once the instrument's auto-hold function is activated. (Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary)

Excellent noise resistance

Allowable earth potential: 25.0 V rms

Expanded allowable earth voltage range from 10 V rms to 25 V rms.
Even in an environment where the earth voltage is 25 V rms, stable ground resistance can be measured.

Dustproof and waterproof enclosure for robust performance in the field

IP67 dustproof and waterproof

Since the FT6031-50’s enclosure is designed to keep out dust, it can be used with peace of mind in settings where it would be exposed to mud and dust. And if the instrument gets dirty, it can be rinsed clean with water.

Using a grounding resistance meter: Two-pole and three-pole methods

You can select from two grounding resistance measurement methods (two-pole or three-pole).
The instrument switches the internal connection automatically when the selection key is pressed,
so there is no need to connect a short bar or other fixture.

Three-pole method:
Measure grounding resistance after inserting supplemental grounding rods into the ground.

Two-pole method:
Class D ground installations can be measured by using the Class B ground of a pole-mounted transformer.

Dramatically faster measurement setup (preparation)

- Thin supplemental grounding rods
Easier to insert rods into and remove them from the ground. The rods are made of rigid, corrosion-resistance stainless steel.

- Only a single insertion
Allowable resistance of the supplemental grounding electrodes has been increased by a factor of 10. This enhancement eliminates the inconvenience of setting and resetting the rods over and over again when the allowable resistance is exceeded, for example in dry soil conditions.

Digital grounding resistance meter featuring easy operation

The FT6031-50 is extremely easy to operate: just press the MEASURE key.
The instrument will automatically complete the following sequence of operations:
ground potential check → supplemental grounding electrode check → grounding resistance measurement.
Auto-range operation eliminates the need to switch ranges since the instrument automatically selects the optimal range.

Tangle- and twist-free measurement cord winders

Easily rewind long measurement cords!
Hioki’s winders can rewind the cord about twice as fast as the reels, dramatically reducing the amount of time needed to clean up after measurement. Auxiliary grounding rods can also be stored.

Basic specifications

Accuracy guaranteed: 1 year
To ensure safety, use the optional Test Lead L9787 when making measurements using the two-electrode method.
Measurement system Two-electrode method/three-electrode method (switchable)
Measurement range 20 Ω (0 Ω〜20.00 Ω) 200 Ω (0 Ω〜200.0 Ω) 2000 Ω (0 Ω〜2000 Ω)
Accuracy ±1.5% rdg ±8 dgt ±1.5% rdg ±4 dgt ±1.5% rdg ±4 dgt
Earth voltage 0〜30.0 V rms
Accuracy: ±2.3% rdg ±8 dgt (50 Hz/60 Hz), ±1.3% rdg ±4 dgt (DC)
Allowable earth potential 25.0 V rms (DC or sine wave)
Dustproof and waterproof IP65/IP67 (EN60529)
Power supply LR6 Alkaline battery ×4, Possible number of measurements: 500 times (measurement conditions: three-electrode method, measuring 10 Ω at 10-second intervals without Z3210 installed)
Functions Live wire warning, zero-adjustment, continuous measurement mode, wireless communication (only when Z3210 is connected), and comparator
Dimensions and mass 185 mm (7.28 in)W × 111 mm (4.37 in)H × 44 mm (1.73 in)D, 570 g (20.1 oz.) (including batteries and protector, excluding terminal covers and other accessories)
Included accessories Auxiliary Earthing Rod L9840 (2 piece set) ×1, Measurement Cable L9841 (black 4 m) ×1, Measurement Cable L9842-11 (yellow 10 m, equipped with winder) ×1, Measurement Cable L9842-22 (red 20 m, equipped with winder) ×1, Carrying Case C0106 ×1, Protector ×1, LR6 Alkaline battery ×4, Instruction manual ×1

Included accessories (5)

Options (5)

L9844: for earthing terminal board, L9787: for two-electrode method, indoor use only

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