Electrical Potential Measurement for Galvanic Protection(in Galvanic Anode Systems)

Record electrical potentials for galvanic protection to determine effectiveness.


・Measure electrical potentials for galvanic protection using a reference electrode and voltage logger (three models LR5041, LR5042, and LR5043 are available depending on the input voltage; Select the appropriate model according to the output voltage of the sensor).

・Place the reference electrode near the positive electrode and measure the electrical potential between two points on the surface of the metal pipe (or a metal on which to provide a galvanic protection).

・Changes in the ground electric potential over time or caused by changes in the weather can be recorded.

・The measured data can be transferred to a PC and displayed in graph format (the LR5091 Communication Adapter is required for data transfer).

・Prepare a waterproof case if necessary.


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