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HIOKI’s Quality Assurance policy is to deliver high quality products and services that gain customer satisfaction and trust. Information about product warranties and scope of coverage is available on the Warranty Certificate found in all instruction manuals. An excerpt from the Warranty Certificate is shown below:

Warranty Certificate
“If the product malfunctions during use, Hioki will repair it free of charge, subject to the scope of coverage outlined in the Warranty Certificate. The product will be covered by the warranty for a period of one year [or three years] from the date of purchase. The duration of any accuracy guarantee will be defined separately for each product.”

The duration of the warranty will vary by product, with field measuring instruments generally receiving three years of coverage and other products one year.

This warranty policy is provided to all Hioki customers worldwide as of October 2013.

Quality assurance begins with product development and extends to material procurement, production, shipment, and after-sales service, ending only with the end of the product life cycle. Going forward, we will pursue quality improvement activities around the world, and are committed to improving our quality assurance system on an ongoing basis so that we can more precisely ascertain the operating environments of customers worldwide, determine product planning and quality standards accordingly, and provide a consistent level of quality.

Sincerely yours,

Katsuhiro Takeuchi
Director of Quality Assurance
Hioki E.E. Corporation

July 2015

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