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Transform your Field Work and Kickstart your Remote Measurement.

gennect connect

Experience immediate accessibility in the field no matter the location with Hioki's innovative cloud services. Presenting the exclusive function of Hioki's GENNECT Cloud, a complimentary cloud service designed specifically for the GENNECT range of services. It empowers you with the ability to oversee the site, gather data, and manage instruments remotely. You are instantly alerted when there's an occurrence of abnormal values.

A demo account is available for a streamlined experience of remote measurements!

Does any of this pique your interest?

  • To enhance operational productivity by remotely monitoring diverse metrics like energy consumption, power quality, and temperature at manufacturing plants or research centers situated far from my workplace.
  • To save time and money and avoid traveling to remote sites to gather measured data.
  • To explore remote monitoring and wish to understand its practical implementation.
  • To learn about the possible applications for remote measurement?

Enjoy the demo account and explore the world of remote measurement! 

Click on the download button below to obtain a PDF file containing Login information and brief usage instructions for your demo account.

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Example Image of Demo Account

The demo account allows you to remotely view measurement data in real-time from the PQ3198 power quality analyzer and LR8450 data logger located in the Dallas, Texas office.

demo account




Benefit 1

Acquire measured values in real time

Data metrics are gathered from instruments connected through One and Cross at intervals of 1 minute and stored on the service’s cloud-based server. By accessing GENNECT Cloud, you can retrieve the latest data at any time, from any location.

remote monitor



Benefit 2

Collecting Data

There is no longer a need to visit measurement sites to collect data. Data saved on instruments is saved on a cloud server. This allows for effortless data collection simply by downloading the required files.

cloud data



Benefit 3

Control instruments

With GENNECT Cloud, you can manage devices even in remote areas.

cloud console



Benefit 4

Get instant alerts in the event of an anomaly

Irregular measurements will not be overlooked. They are immediately communicated via email and other methods the moment they happen. When a power quality analyzer or waveform recorder is activated, the device's data file is instantly stored on a cloud server, and an alert is dispatched.

cloud alarm



Benefit 5

Share information easily

Measurement data is stored on a cloud server to guarantee its reliability. Accessing the cloud server allows for effortless sharing of information.

cloud concept




Experience remote measurement!

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