How to Meet Public Lighting Requirements

Avoid Shadows During Testing

Regulations require a minimum level of illuminance at floor or ground level in locations such as ballparks, tennis courts, and evacuation routes in tunnels. Accurate measurement of illuminance requires that care be taken to assure that the shadows cast by workers do not affect instrument readings.

Ergonomic Testing Capabilities

Also, when measuring floor- or ground-level illuminance at multiple locations, the need to bend down and stretch out in order to reposition the instrument each time you move to a new measurement location increases the workload.

Measure illuminance while moving from location to location with the sensor and display undocked

The Hioki Lux Meter FT3424 delivers the perfect solution with a design that lets you separate the light sensor and display unit when required so that they can be positioned separately.  The ability to place the sensor at ground level allows you to measure illuminance accurately, efficiently and according to testing standards.

How To Use

•     Undock the Lux Meter FT3424’s sensor and display units and connect them with the Connection Cable L9820
•     Secure the sensor to a platform that is equipped with caster wheels (the camera screw hole on the back of the sensor can be used to secure the unit to the platform)
•     Hold the instrument (display side) in your hand
•     Measure multiple locations efficiently by rolling the platform from location to location while reading measured values from the instrument (display side) in your hand. You can reduce the workload by avoiding the need to bend and stretch.
•     Since you’re further away from the sensor, you can obtain accurate measurements that are unaffected by your shadow.
•     The instrument’s memory function can be used to save measurement data (up to 99 readings).

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