Version Upgrade for SM7420

Main CPU V2.00, Sub CPU V3.02 Feb 22, 2022

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  • Product firmware (product upgrades) and computer application software can only be downloaded for products you have registered on the my HIOKI service.
Software (
Version upgrade procedure manual (SM7420_Vup_en_03.pdf)

○ Latest software is posted. Keep the instruction manual up-to-date.
○ Do not perform the following operations during the upgrade. Repair is required.
・ Turn off the main unit.
・ Unplug the USB cable.


・This file upgrades the Main CPU version to V2.00 and Sub CPU version to V3.02. (SM7420 only)
If Main( or Sub) CPU version of equipment is same as the file version, there is no need to upgrade Main(or Sub) CPU. 
・There is no initialization of equipment configuration due to version upgrade.
Also, repeated calibration or inspection due to the upgrade are not required.

Applicable products for the update

・This firmware update is applicable for the SM7420 having "Main V2.00" only.
・Do not apply this update to the SM7420 having "Main V1.00 to V1.02".

Version Upgrade History

Main CPU V2.00, Sub CPU V3.02 (February 2022)
・New Release
・Fixed a bug that could have been misjudged during contact check.