ST5680 Sample Application

V1.01 Oct 02, 2023

The copyright to the executable program file and associated documents is owned by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION. This utility may not be bundled with software or other publications which are sold for profit without the express written permission of the copyright owner.
Further, this product may not be modified without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

HIOKI disclaims any and all responsibility for any consequences arising out of use of this software.

Software (ST5680 Sample

This software converts binary data from ST5680 into a CSV file or image file.
There are three types of binary data that can be converted:
· CSV file conversion of waveform data (file.)
· CSV file conversion of waveform data (communication response.)
·Conversion of image file of screen data (communication response.)

For more information, please read the manual from [Help] in application.
※This application is available for equipment version V2.00 or more.

How to install

1. Click [Download] to download the file.
2. Run downloaded file and start installation.
※This software requires .NET Framework 4.0 or more.

Version Upgrade History

V1.01 (October 2023)
-Supports equipment version V2.00
 ·Added measurement speed and waveform length settings to CSV format
 ·Added thinning function for waveform data (command)

V1.00 (January 2023)
-New release

Operating Environment

・OS: Windows 10(32bit/64bit.)
・Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 works.
・Interfaces: USB, LAN, RS-232C and GP-IB(manufactured by National Instruments.)
・Hard disk: Requires 8MB or more free space.
※If .NET Framework 4.0 is not installed, approximately 900MB or more free space is required.