About ST5520 upgrade

V2.04 May 28, 2021

If you are unable to download software, please check the following:
  • Please register a my HIOKI account and then use it to log in to the my HIOKI service.
  • Product firmware (product upgrades) and computer application software can only be downloaded for products you have registered on the my HIOKI service.
Software (ST5520V204_en.zip)
Version upgrade procedure manual (ST5520Vup2_en_00.pdf)

○ Latest software is posted. Keep the instruction manual up-to-date.
○ Do not perform the following operations during the upgrade. Repair is required.
・ Turn off the main unit.
・ Unplug the USB cable.

Version Upgrade History

V2.04 (Dec. 2019)
Fixed a bug in V2.03.
[Bug Description]
The measurement result may becme out of the accuracy when measuring the device around lower display range limit by the 890V or higher test voltage.
The firmware is updated to V2.04 which has the same lower limits for the resistance display and assured accuracy ranges of V2.02.  The upper limit is not changed.