MR6000 Viewer

V4.05 Aug 31, 2023

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Application (
Manual (MR6000_Viewer_manual_en.pdf)
Installation Procedures (MR6000 Viewer_Install_en.pdf)


The MR6000 Viewer is a PC application for viewing and analyzing measurement data recorded by the MR6000 Memory HiCorder on a PC.
Supported Instruments:MR6000, MR6000-01,  MR8847, MR8827, MR8740, MR8741, MR8740T Memory HiCorder
Note: MR8740T data can only be displayed for channels 1 to 8 units.

MR6000 Viewer Functions:
・Display measured waveforms
・Search waveforms
・Numerical calculation, waveform calculation, FFT calculation
・Convert measurement data to CSV format

How to install

Refer to "MR6000 Viewer: Installation Procedures"

Version Upgrade History

V4.05 (August 2023)
1.Waveform calculation RSLV (resolver) has added a parameter.
Resolved bugs
1.Wrong data is read when reading waveform files continuously after the third time.
2.Wrong data is saved when saving in waveform data in floating point format after loading the second and subsequent files of a split save file, or after reading an interval save file.
3.If the CAN database file (.dbc) has a signal name of 33 characters or more or a unit of 17 characters or more, it will freeze when reading the dbc file from the CAN screen.

V4.04 (July 2023)
1.Increased memory capacity for measurement data to 16GB.
Resolved bugs
1.Variable setting value may be incorrect when fixed grid mode is ON.

V4.03 (March 2023)
1.Enabled to load waveform files of MR8847A, MR8827, MR8740, MR8741 that are measured and saved with pre-trigger set in DIV units.

V4.02 (August 2022)
1. Waveform files saved by MR8740T can now be read (only UNIT1 to UNIT8 waveforms).

Resolved bugs
1. Fixed a bug that caused the installation of Viewer to fail.
2. When reading a waveform file of the MR8847 series, if one channel is saved in one unit and the other channel is not saved, the unsaved channel will also display a random waveform.
3. Other minor bugs were resolved.

V4.01 (May 2022)
Resolved bugs
1.The power calculation value when the wiring method is 3V3A and Δ-Y convert is turned ON is incorrect.

V4.00 (April 2022)
Added function
1.Power Calculation.
2.Waveform Calculation (Resolver, Encoder).
3.The number of screens to be divided (Triangle, Hexagon, Nonagon).
1.The maximum number of calculation points for waveform calculation has been increased to 5,000,000 points.
2.Waveform file format in ASAM MDF 4.0 format.
3.Enabled to select the display channel of the trace cursor value.
4.Waveform files saved by MR8847, MR8827, MR8740, MR8741 can now be read.
Resolved bugs
1.Fixed a bug that caused a freeze when channel settings were made after loading a file in which an arbitrary waveform unit was used.

V3.51  (July 2021)
• Supports version upgrade of MR6000 firmware.
• Supported OS versions have been changed.
• Fixed a bug that the time value becomes the value of slow measurement sampling when reading a file saved in real time with the fastest measurement sampling on SSD.
• Changed to read unit information and channel settings when reading the setting file.
• Changed so that the specified waveform is displayed when started from the command with the waveform file name as an argument.

V3.50  (May 2021)
• Supports version upgrade of MR6000 firmware.
• Supported OS versions have been changed.

V3.11 (October 2020)
• Supports version upgrade of MR6000 firmware
• Fixed a bug that "Loading System" is displayed at startup and cannot proceed

V3.00 (April 2020)
 Supports version upgrade of MR6000 firmware
 Changed to not use PowerShell at startup

V2.11  (June 2019)
・Supports version upgrade of MR6000 firmware.

V2.10  (February 2019)

Operating Environment

To use MR6000 Viewer, the following minimum computer system configuration is required.

Memory: Minimum 16GB
Disk space: Minimum 50GB
Display: Resolution of 1280×1024 or better
OS: Windows 10 64-bit version Version 1703 Build 15063 or later, Windows 11
 Japanese/English/Chinese Operating Systems (displayable in each language)

・MR6000 Viewer does not support the 32-bit version of Windows 10.
・Certain PC environments may not support full operation of the MR6000 Viewer despite meeting the minimum requirements above.

How to check your system’s version:
1. Press [Windows] and [R] on your keyboard to display the Run dialog box
2. Enter WINVER in the [Open:] field
3. Click OK
The OS version number will be displayed.