SM Sample Application

V1.09 Nov 15, 2022

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Further, this product may not be modified without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

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Application (setup_SM Sample Application_V1.0.9_1.exe)
Manual (SM_Sample_Application_Manual_EN_0.pdf)


The SM Sample Application (this application) can perform the following operations on the SM7110, SM7120 and SM7420:
●Measuring instrument settings
●Time Interval Measurement (By setting up the time interval)
●Voltage sweep measurement (measurement using a varying voltage) 

*SM7110 and SM7120 only 
●Loading by Return key (Single Measurement)
●Acquisition of measured values and saving in Excel or CSV format
●Graph display
●Testing communications command transmit/receive functionality
●Backing up and restoring instrument settings

How to install

1.Click [Download] and download the file.

2.Execute the downloaded file to start the installation.
・Note1: .NET Framework 4.0 is required to run this application program.
If it has not been installed in your PC, the following dialog box will be popped up.
Click on [Yes], and then go to the download page for NET Framework. Please download and install .NET Framework. Note2: If using this application program with the PC that doesn’t hook up to the Internet, at first, please download .NET Framework 4.0 on the Web page of the Microsoft company with another PC that hooks up o the Internet.
.NET Framework 4.0 can be downloaded on a page.

3.After installing the .NET Framework, try installing the application program again.

Measurement screen

Graph display

Version Upgrade History

V1.0.9 (November 2022)
Bug fixes
·Corrected the phenomenon that application freezes depending on the discharge time when sequence measurement is turned on.

Function addition
·Compatible with main software versions V2.10 and V1.10 of the equipment
(1)Add items of sweep function to Backup feature in application.
(2)Add items of sweep function to Restore feature in application.
·Add the contents of the message displayed when the reception time is out when connecting to the application.

V1.0.8 (February 2022)
Bug fixes
・Fixed the phenomenon of cutting off part of the bottom of the application with a small monitor.
・Fixed the phenomenon of errors in the application due to specific operations.

Modifying function
・Improved processing of acquisition of measured values by trigger when sequence mode is ON.

V1.0.7 (February 2021)
Bug fixes
・In Basic setting for the main unit, AUTO check will eliminated if Meas.range changes.
・At the start of measurement, Sequence mode will be off if Trigger input is Sweep and Sequence mode is on.
・MessageBox will appear when you try to connect by USB with empty port.
・"Restore" and "Close" button will be disabled while doing Restore.
Function addition
・You can change AUTO RANGE TIMEOUT setting from Basic setting for the main unit - Other - MEAS.
・Backup of AUTO RANGE TIMEOUT setting is available.
・Restore of AUTO RANGE TIMEOUT setting is available.
*AUTO RANGE TIMEOUT setting is for only SM7110 and SM7120 with Version 1.05 or higher.

V1.0.6  (December 2020)
Modification about sweep list
・Measurement available while list have empty cells
・Warning screen will appear when press 'Clear' button
・New 'Add' button to add cells.
・New 'Delete' button to delete cells.
・Pressing the delete key in keyboard clear the voltage input fields

V1.05 (March 2020)
・Fixed a bug where an error occurred when sweep measurement (reverse ON) was performed with the Y axis set to log setting.
・Fix other minor bugs.
V1.04 (February 2020)
・Fixed a bug where the app would exit with an error if the interval measurement was measured more than 1 million times.
・Change installer.
・Fix other minor bugs.

V1.03 (February 2019)
・"Help" → "PDF manual"  Manual can be viewed
・Setting of "C_CHK V_CHK GO" can be changed (main body software MainV 1.04 or more)
・Fixed a bug that the second item in the list was not measured during sweep measurement
・Fix other minor bugs

・Improved timer accuracy
・Change the minimum step time to 150 ms
・Added Display drawing time
・Fix other minor bugs

・First release

Operating Environment

・CPU: Operating speed of 1 GHz or greater
・RAM: 512 MB or greater
・Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
・Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
・Interface: RS-232C, USB, RS232-C
・Monitor resolution: 1,024×768 or greater
・Hard drive: Free space of 5 MB or greater (If .NET Framework 4.0 has not yet been installed, about 900 MB more free space will be required.) Additional free space for saving recorded data.