Sensor Data Setup Software for OPTICAL POWER METER 3664

Version 1.01 Aug 29, 2011

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application (

(for compatibility with OPTICAL SENSOR 9743)


This software will enable compatibility of OPTICAL SENSOR 9743 with OPTICAL POWER METER 3664.
The utility must first be installed in your PC, set up, and then transferred to the 3664. This procedure is required if the firmware version of your 3664 is 1.01 or earlier, and you find the 3664 screen displays ”Err1” upon connecting the 9743 to your 3664.

*This software does not update the 3664’s firmware. This software will only setup programs to connect the 9743 to your 3664 and will not upgrade version of your 3664.


1.Click [Download] and download the file.
2.Decompress the downloaded file.
3.Double-click on the ”setup.msi” in the decompressed folder to begin installation.
 * Some PCs may ask you to install the Windows Installer before you start installing this Software. Follow the installation instructions on the screen if asked. Once the Windows Installer installation is completed, ”Hioki 3664 Setup Utility” Setup will start installing.
4.For details, see the ” readme.pdf ” in the decompressed folder.

Version Upgrade History

V1.01 (April 2013) Newest Version
・Windows 8 compatibility indicated in the specifications.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 2000,XP,Vista,7,8

Contact Information

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