Download Program for POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196

Version 1.00 Oct 24, 2002

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・Down96 is a PC application program that will enable users of POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196
to download data captured by the 3196 to a PC via LAN connections or the RS-232C (modem) interface.
・While the 3196 is in Analysis mode, all files stored on the unit’s PC Card as well as internal memory may be downloaded.
・While the 3196 is being set up, files stored only within the PC Card may be downloaded. This program runs on Javascript, and the freeware “JRE” (Java Runtime Environment), which comes standard with Netscape Navigator 6 or later, is a prerequisite to executing Down96.
・In addition, your unit of 3196 must be installed with firmware Ver.1.21 or later in order to use Down96.

Operating Environment

Any PC that will allow the installation and operation of JRE. If you intend to download large
files, PC’s installed with high-speed processing capabilities are recommended.

Supported Operating Systems


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