Highly insulated module featuring high-speed sampling
Safely conduct charge/discharge testing of increasingly high-voltage batteries


Key Features

  • For 600 V to 1500 V battery packs
  • 15ch, voltage and temperature (thermocouple) measurement
  • High-precision measurement of cell voltage
  • High-speed data capture, output of data for all cells at an interval as short as 5 ms, HIL support (*1)
  • *1:The functionality is exclusive to the Data Logger LR8102, which has a UDP output.

Model No. (Order Code)

The M7100 cannot perform measurement by itself. A separately sold Data Logger LR8101 or LR8102 is required.
Thermocouple is not provided by Hioki, and must be purchased from a separate supplier.

Ideal for Capturing Data from High-Voltage Battery Pack Cells


Evaluating high-voltage battery systems. Future-proof your system by ensuring you can accommodate more cells tomorrow.

The M7100 can measure voltage and temperature across 15 channels at a sampling rate of 10 ms.
If no more than 8 channels are used, it can make measurements at a sampling rate of up to 5 ms.

Up to 10 measurement modules can be connected to a single data logger, allowing the number of channels to be increased to 150 ch.
A JIS and EIA-standard 19-inch rack can accommodate one logger and 6 measurement modules for a total of 90 channels per shelf.
Furthermore, if up to 10 of the LR8102 advanced models are connected with optical cabling, their sampling can be synchronized, allowing the number of measurement channels to be increased to a maximum of 1500 ch.

Easy expandability ensures you’ll be ready when you wish to evaluate future high-voltage systems that have even more battery cells.


Assuring safety when testing cell voltages of a 1500 V battery pack: Achievement unlocked.

Terminal-to-ground voltage: 1500 V DC (CAT II) Insulation
EN IEC 61010 Safety standard-compliant

Although the voltage of individual cells of a battery may be low at about 4 V, safely measuring the voltage at each cell of an 800 V battery pack, a type that is already being commercialized, requires an instrument with a maximum rated terminal-to-ground voltage of at least 800 V DC.
Since the M7100 has a maximum rated terminal-to-ground voltage of 1500 V, it can accommodate testing of 800 V batteries with an ample margin of safety.
It can also be used to measure cell voltage and temperature of next-generation battery packs that exceed 800 V and power storage systems such as energy storage systems (ESSs) that exceed 1000 V.

High Speed

Turbocharged data transfers at an interval as short as 5 ms mean you can output data for all cells to an HIL system in real time (when using only the LR8102)

The logger can continuously transfer data at high speed to an upstream system using UDP communication (*1).
Modules sample data at high speed at a rate of up to 5 ms (*2) and output it immediately.

Since the data logger continuously acquires live voltage data for measured cells at an interval as short as 5 ms, data can be used in real-time simulation by an HIL system.
In addition, this capability allows comprehensive analysis of charge/discharge characteristics by increasing the simultaneity of total voltage as monitored by the charge/discharge system and individual cells’ voltage data.

  • *1:UPD communication functionality is exclusive to the Data Logger LR8102.
  • *2:The 5 ms sampling rate is available when using 1 to 8 measurement channels. (voltage only)

Measurement Performance

Measure battery cell voltage with confidence

Leakage current flow to the data logger can be minimized since measurement modules are engineered with a signal input resistance of 100 MΩ or greater.
Furthermore, the module provides a 6 V range for lithium-ion batteries and a 2 V range for fuel cells, and measures cell voltage with a high degree of precision thanks to its 18-bit A/D resolution.

General Specifications

Accuracy guaranteed: 1 year
Compatible models Data Logger LR8101: Standard model
Data Logger LR8102: Advanced model
Operating temperature and humidity range −10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F), 80% RH or less (non-condensing)
Withstand voltage 7.4 kV AC for 1 minute (sensitivity current 1 mA)
Between input channels (+, −) and LR8101 or LR8102, between modules 350 V AC for 1 minute (sensitivity current 1 mA), between input channels (+, −)
Number of input channels 15 channels
Input terminal M3 screw type terminal block (2 terminals per channel), equipped with terminal block cover
Measurement parameters Voltage
Temperature (Thermocouple: K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B, C)
Input method Scan method using semiconductor relays, floating unbalanced input
All channels isolated
A/D resolution 18 bits
Maximum input voltage ±100 V DC
Maximum voltage between the channels 300 V DC
Maximum rated line-to-ground voltage 1500 V DC in measurement category II, anticipated transient overvoltage 8000 V
1000 V AC in measurement category II, anticipated transient overvoltage 6000 V
Maximum rated voltage between the modules 1500 V DC, 1000 V AC
Input resistance 100 MΩ or more (voltage 10 mV f.s. to 6 V f.s. range, 1-5 V f.s. range, thermocouple all ranges)
1 MΩ ±5% (voltage 10 V f.s. to 100 V f.s. range)
Data refresh interval 5 ms (*1), 10 ms (*2), 20 ms, 50 ms, 100 ms, 200 ms, 500 ms, 1 s, 2 s, 5 s, 10 s
Measurement range Voltage: 10 mV f.s., 20 mV f.s., 100 mV f.s., 200 mV f.s., 1 V f.s., 2 V f.s., 6 V f.s., 10 V f.s., 20 V f.s., 60 V f.s., 100 V f.s., 1-5 V f.s.
Thermocouples: 100℃ f.s., 500℃ f.s., 2000℃ f.s.
Dimensions and weight Approx. 53W × 166H × 263D mm (2.1W × 6.5H × 10.4D in.), Approx. 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
Included accessory Instruction Manual ×1
  • *1:Can be selected when all measurement channels on the module are set to the voltage range and the number of channels being used is 1 to 8.
  • *2:Can be selected when thermocouple wire break detection is set to OFF.

Thermocouple for temperature measurement (0)

For reference only. Thermocouple is not provided by Hioki. Please purchase from separate suppliers.

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