24-Point, 1,000VDC, 1 M to 10,000 MΩ Calibration Box for Super Megohmmeters

Hioki Super Megohmmeters are high insulation resistance meters designed to measure the electrical resistance of insulation materials with high insulating properties. The SR-2 is for calibrating various types of super megohmmeters, consisting of 24 ultra-precision resistors encased in a sealed metal case. Each element can be connected on the terminal plate in various combinations as required.

This is a resistor box for calibration of the super megohmmeters.
Max. voltage is 1000 V DC and resistor value covers from 1 M to 10,000 MΩ in 24 points.

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Note: Includes inspection data sheet


Max. voltage 1,000 V DC
Resistor value 1 M to 10,000 MΩ in 24 points
Dimensions 270mm (10.63in) W × 90mm (3.54in)H × 195mm (7.68in)D