Optional function for the ST4030A Impulse Winding Tester to detect microscopic partial discharges obscured by noise. Detect pseudo-shorts with high accuracy

The ST9000 Discharge Detection Upgrade for the Impulse Winding Tester ST4030A provides detection enhancements to spot discharge that is buried in noise.

Key Features

  • Option additional function for ST4030A
  • Detect microscopic partial discharges obscured by noise to determine defective insulation (pseudo-shorts)
  • Hioki original filter (*1)
  • Peripheral equipment (antenna for discharge detection etc.) not required to easily detect discharge
  • *1:Noise components within the high frequency components appearing within the entire response waveform are removed to extract only the partial discharge component in order to make a pass/fail determination. Jointly developed with Aisin AW Co., Ltd.

Model No. (Order Code)

ST9000 Factory option firmware for the ST4030A
Note: The Discharge Detection Upgrade ST9000 is a factory option for the Impulse Winding Tester ST4030A. Please specify at the time of order.

Basic specifications

Measurement functions Determine discharge
Compatible models ST4030A

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