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Hioki Launches Digital Multimeter DT4261

The IEC61000-4-30 standards

Hioki is pleased to announce the Middle Model Digital Multimeter DT4261.
When the Wireless Adapter Z3210 is installed, Bluetooth® wireless communication is enabled. It will boost work efficiency in the field by entering your measured data directly into Excel templates. Furthermore, when using with the free GENNECT Cross mobile app, you can perform simple harmonic analysis.


At present, Hioki has been expanding our lineup of on-site measuring instruments that support Bluetooth® wireless communication in order to streamline electrical equipment inspection performed by electricians and maintenance technicians. The increase of efficiency cuts the costs of these technicians, but in addition, in certain regions like the home country of Hioki, Japan, the aging population and decline of skilled technicians in the labor force has become an issue. Partly due to this market environment, we at Hioki have focused on improvement of work efficiency using IoT.


1. Wireless Support: Excel Direct Input Function

When the Wireless Adapter Z3210 is installed, Bluetooth® wireless communication is enabled, opening the door to many innovations availed by Bluetooth®. One such innovation is the Excel Direct Input Function. We embedded this function in the Wireless Adapter itself. It enables direct transfer of measurement data to Excel® templates on your smartphone or tablet. This Excel Direct Input function will boost work efficiency by eliminating the bothersome task of entering data after returning from the field.

2. Harmonic Measurement

When combined with the free GENNECT Cross mobile app, you can perform simple harmonic analysis. Applications for this function include harmonic measurement of power conditioners for solar systems and problem analysis of power supply systems.

3. Ensuring Safety through Mechanical Innovations for the Test Lead

Typically, technicians must be careful not to measure voltage while a test lead is plugged into the current terminal rather than the voltage. Otherwise the fuse to blow, ending in a fuse that needs to be replaced and lost man hours until the replacement. Hioki, however, solved this problem through innovation with the Middle Model Digital Multimeter DT4261. The multimeter’s terminal shutters are linked to the instrument’s rotary switch in way that blocks access to test lead terminals that aren’t being used. This makes it physically impossible to insert test leads into the wrong terminal.

In addition, Hioki’s new test lead now incorporates easily adjustable sleeve instead of a cap for greater convenience and safety. The design lets you change the measurement category simply by sliding the test lead’s protective finger guard up or down and locking into place. This makes it easier than ever to measure safely, and as an added bonus, you no longer have to worry about losing caps.

Main Uses

Electrical equipment maintenance, verification and troubleshooting in electrical work


Digital Multimeter DT4261
Digital Multimeter DT4261-90 (set with Wireless Adapter Z3210)
Wireless Adapter Z3210: accessory

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