Estimating the Length of Copper Wire

Verify the length of copper wire available by using the RM3544/RM3545/RM3548 Resistance Meter.

Since copper has a known resistance value, the length of a spool of wire can be estimated simply by measuring its resistance value.  To get precise values, a high resolution resistance meter such as the Hioki RM3544, RM3545 or portable RM3548 is indispensable.
How to Estimate Copper Length:
1. Using the RM3544/RM3545/RM3548 Resistance Meter, measure the resistance of a 1 m length of the wire whose overall length you wish to estimate.
2. Next, measure the resistance of the entire wire whose length you wish to calculate.
3. By dividing the resistance value for the entire wire by the resistance value for the 1 m length, you can estimate the overall length of the wire (in meters).

To Ensure Accurate Measurement

Since copper wire has a comparatively large temperature coefficient, an error will be introduced if the temperature of the wire when the resistance per meter is measured differs from the temperature of the wire when the overall resistance is measured.
The resistance meter’s temperature correction function can be used to correct temperature variations in the wire’s resistance.

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