Manage the Voltage of Lead-acid Storage Batteries

Measure the voltage in lead-acid storage battery cells used for emergency power supply to monitor voltage fluctuations.


- The LR5043 Voltage Data Logger can measure voltages up to 50 V DC. One LR5043 can monitor the cell voltage of one lead-acid storage battery.
- The LR5043 allows you to maintain the lead-acid storage batteries and monitor voltage fluctuations caused by changes in the actual load situation.
- The measured data can be transferred to a PC and displayed in graph format (LR5091 Communication Adapter or LR5092-20 Data Collector is required for data transfer).
- The LR5001 Mini Temperature/Humidity Data Logger allows you to measure the environmental temperature and humidity of the emergency power supply and the surface temperature of the cell simultaneously, and display the data in a single graph.

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