MATLAB Toolkit for PW6001

MATLAB Toolkit for PW6001

Ver. 1.00  Oct 11, 2016

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○This toolkit is freeware. You can use it freely within your scope of responsibility. Our company assumes no responsibility for the result of using it. 
○Proprietary, intellectual property and any other right about this toolkit belong to our company. 
○Please use the latest instruction manual.


1.This software is MATLAB Toolkit for Power Analyzer PW6001.
2.This toolkit enable you to load binary waveform data recorded by PW6001 as a MATLAB array and control the PW6001 from inside MATLAB over an Ethernet connection.
3.This toolkit was created and tested by MATLAB R2016a(Windows 7 SP 1, 64-bit).
4.Before you use this toolkit, please update the firmware Ver.2.00 or later for PW6001.

Version Upgrade History

Ver.1.00 (Oct. 2016)
・First edition.

Operating Environment

Windows 10(64-bit), Windows 8.1(64-bit), Windows 8(64-bit), Windows 7 SP 1(64-bit), etc. , which are supported by MATLAB R2016a or later.