Terms of Services

Article 1 (Name of this Service)

The name "my HIOKI" is an online system that provide services stipulated in Article 4 free of charge (hereinafter called “this Service”) to customers who register as a member (hereinafter called “Member”) of the website (www.hioki.com) managed and operated by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION (hereinafter called “Hioki”).

Article 2 (Purpose of this Service)

This Service is intended to shorten the communication distance between Member and Hioki by constructing a real-time database in which Member can participate, and to accelerate the development of both Member’s and Hioki’s businesses by communicating information bilaterally.

Article 3 (Membership Registration)

  • 1.A customer who registers as a Member (hereinafter called “Applicant”), upon agreeing to this Terms of Service, shall apply for the right to use this Service by entering the necessary data in the required fields, including all of the information stipulated in paragraph 2 of this Article, of the prescribed application form for Membership Registration, available in the website stipulated in Article 1 (hereinafter called “Membership Registration”).After reviewing the information provided in the application form and upon approval of Member’s Registration, Hioki shall complete the procedure for Membership Registration by sending a password (hereinafter called “Password”) to the email address provided by the Applicant to enable the Member to log in to the Members-only website.However, should any one of the following events occur, Hioki shall not approve the application for Membership Registration nor send the Password to Applicant.
    • 1.Provision of any untruth or incomplete information by Applicant at time of application.
    • 2.Applicant's Membership Registration to use all or part of this Service had been previously suspended due to breach of this terms of services, or Membership Registration was revoked for the same reason.
    • 3.Applicant has already completed Membership Registration.
    • 4.Applicant is a non-entity.
    • 5.Hioki, at its own discretion, determines that Applicant’s application for Membership Registration cannot be approved.
    Hioki reserves the right to not disclose to Applicant the reason for denying the application for Membership Registration.
  • 2.Applicant shall enter the following information in the application form for Membership Registration: (1) Name of Company, (2) Affiliated Department, (3) Title, (4) Type of Business, (5) Name of Applicant, (6) Company Address, (7) Company Telephone Number, (8) E-mail address (company e-mail) Hioki reserves the right to use the personal information that Applicant provides in the application form for Membership Registration in this Service or any other services which Hioki provides now and will provide in the future to customers in accordance with Hioki’s privacy policy (https://www.hioki.com/privacy-policy/).
  • 3.In the event of any changes to the required information entered at the time of application, Member shall revise such information immediately.

Article 4 (Contents of this Service)

Member can receive the following services provided by Hioki:

  • 1.Supply of Product Documents: Upon agreeing to the following conditions, Member can download PDF (Portable Document Format) files of Instruction Manuals and Outline Drawings of Hioki products.
    • 1.Instruction Manuals and Outline Drawings of Hioki Products (hereinafter collectively called “Copyrighted Work”) shall contain information protected under Copyright Law.The copyright of Copyrighted Work belongs to Hioki or other third parties.Hioki is duly licensed by third parties the copyright of Copyrighted Work not owned by Hioki.It is prohibited under Copyright Law to reprint, copy or change all or part of any Copyrighted Work without the consent of Hioki.
    • 2.Notwithstanding with the previous paragraph, a Member who has purchased or plan to purchase Hioki products may make only one copy of Copyrighted Work in print for the purpose of using products or considering purchase of the products.
    • 3.Hioki reserves the right to modify Copyrighted Work without prior notice based on product specification changes or updates to products.As such, any downloaded Copyrighted Work may contain information that is different from the specifications and functions of the product at time of purchase.
    • 4.Copyrighted Work for some Hioki products that is sold now or will be sold in the future may not be available for download.
    • 5.Depending on the browser or the viewer software used by Member, download or proper display of Copyrighted Work may not be supported.
    • 6.Depending on the printer used by Member, accurate printing of Copyrighted Work may not be supported.
    • 7.Downloaded Copyrighted Work may include unreadable characters due to technical limitations when converting the Copyrighted Work to a PDF (Portable Document Format) file.
    • 8.Hioki assumes no responsibility for any damages borne by Member as a result of using Copyrighted Work.
  • 2.Supply of Information: Member can receive information regarding new Hioki products and Hioki event information including trade shows and seminars.
  • 3.Supply of Information regarding User Registered Products: In the event that Member registers Hioki products (hereinafter “User Registered Products), Member may receive additional information regarding User Registered Products such as firmware version upgrades from Hioki.Certain User Registered Products may also be updated through this Service.

Article 5 (Effective Term)

Membership Registration of this Service is effective until Service is terminated by Hioki or otherwise stipulated in a separate Terms of Services, if any, unless Hioki cannot contact Member due to change of Member’s e-mail address, telephone number or mailing address, in which case Hioki shall reserve the right to cancel Member’s Registration, and Member shall lose membership status.

Article 6 (Change or Termination of this Terms of Services)

  • 1.Hioki reserves the right to modify this Terms of Service and/or the contents of this Service without prior notice, or terminate the provision of this Service at Hioki’s discretion.When Member uses this Service under a modified Terms of Service or any modified contents of this Service, such Member is obligated to accept such changes.
  • 2.Hioki shall not assume responsibility for any damages borne by Member as a result of modifications or termination of this Service by Hioki.

Article 7 (Cancellation)

Member shall lose his or her membership status immediately if one or more of the following events occurs:

  • 1.Hioki receives notice of cancellation from Member.
  • 2.Member breaches this Terms of Services.
  • 3.Hioki cannot contact Member as described in Article 5.
  • 4.Hioki determines that Member is using this Service inappropriately, including but not limited to questionable use of this Service and diverting this Service as part of Member’s own business tool.
  • 5.After intentionally entering incorrect information into the application form for Membership Registration at the time of registration, Member fails to amend the incorrect information immediately.
  • 6.Member does not use this Service within three (3) years after his or her last use.
  • 7.Hioki determines at its own discretion that it is necessary to invalidate Membership Registration of Member.

Article 8 (Prohibited Actions during the Use of this Service)

During the use of this Service, Member is prohibited from the following conduct:

  • 1.Using this Service under another Member’s identity
  • 2.Using this Service under the name of an organization without any representative or agency right of the organization
  • 3.Violation of local, national or international laws and regulations, whether intentional or unintentional

Article 9 (Other Provisions)

Hioki reserves the right to treat, manage and resolve all other matters not addressed in this Terms of Services.

Article 10 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

This Terms of Services shall be construed in accordance with laws of Japan regardless of conflict-of-laws principles. The Nagano District Court of Japan may have an exclusive jurisdiction on any lawsuits regarding this Service.

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