Registering for myHIOKI (New Accounts and Changes)

Registering for myHIOKI (New Accounts and Changes)

When you register for a myHIOKI account, you enjoy the following support, services, and benefits:
  • Download manuals and other documentation
  • Email notification of new product and event information
  • Email consultation about measurement issues
  • Notification of product firmware upgrades and access to downloadable files

Products can be registered once you have registered for a myHIOKI account.

Logging In

Enter your customer ID and password and log in. Your customer ID is the member number sent to your registered email address provided at the time of registration.

If You Have Trouble Logging In

Have you entered your customer ID and password correctly?
Enter only single-byte alphanumeric characters for both. Make sure that you have not inadvertently activated the caps lock key. Be sure to enter both fields correctly, checking dots, commas, and other symbols.
Have you registered for a myHIOKI account?
If you have not yet registered for a myHIOKI account, you can do so here.
You cannot log in using your email address.
please use the member number that you received when you registered as your customer ID.

Product Registration

You must register your product in order to receive firmware, product upgrades, and other software. You can do so as follows:

1.Log in to your myHIOKI account.

2.Access the product registration form.
 Access the product registration form via the “Register a new product” link.

3.Enter information about the product you purchased.
 Enter the required information in the registration form and submit it.

4.Wait for HIOKI to complete your registration.
 HIOKI will review and register your product. Once the product registration is complete, it will appear in the list of registered products on your myHIOKI page.

Handling of Personal Information

The personal information you enter during the registration process is used to provide support and upgrade information for registered products.