Memory HiCorder MR6000, MR6000-01 does not start at power ON

Details of the problem

When the system protection function is turned on, the free space in the overlay area (memory area) to be used becomes low, and when the memory is low, the following phenomenon occurs.

  • 1.The main unit freezes despite any specific operation and cannot be operated.
  • 2.When the power is ON, the Loading Systems screen is displayed and does not proceed to the next screen.
  • 3.When the power is ON, the disk check is Repeated and does not proceed to the next step.

Affected units

Memory HiCorder MR6000, MR6000-01 Software Version v2.00 or earlier


Upgrade the version to V2.10.


  • 1.If you have registered your product, please go to the MR6000 software download page and download the latest firmware in order to upgrade your product.
  • 2.If you have not registered your product, please contact your nearest Hioki subsidiary or distributor for assistance.

Revision History

  • (1)September 19, 2019 First publication