Vertical-axis resolution of Memory HiCorders

QThe measurement resolution of the Memory HiCorder MR8847’s Analog Unit 8966 is defined as 1/100 of the range. How many bits is the A/D resolution?


Vertical-axis full scale on the Memory HiCorder MR8847 is 20 div. Since the resolution is 1/100 of the range, the number of data points in the range that can be shown on the display is 2,000. However, the instrument actually records 4,000 data points, including those that fall outside the display range. By doing so, it makes it possible to check waveforms outside the screen range by moving the zero-position up or down after recording is complete. Consequently, the user manual and catalog indicate that the instrument uses 12-bit A/D conversion. Please note that the measurement resolution relative to the range varies with the input module and Memory HiCorder or other equipment being used.