Synchronization Source (PW3337, PW6001)

QData/Display update speed is slower than the update rate setting.


Please confirm the following according to DC or AC being measured.


Set the synchronization source to "XXms (XX = figure)".

First, confirm if "AC" or "Ext" is set to the synchronization source channel.
If there is no input or DC input to the synchronization source channel, the PW6001 is not able to detect zero crossing point.
In that case, the PW6001 internally forces the zero cross detection to update the display, so that the display is not updated until the period of the reciprocal of the lower frequency limit is elapsed.

< Example >
DC is measured when the frequency lower limit is set to "0.1Hz".
The display is not updated for 10s (= 1/0.1) when U or I is set as the synchronization source.