Recording a 400V power supply signal using a Memory HiCORDER

QI want to record a 400V AC power supply waveform using a Memory HiCORDER, but it exceeds the maximum allowable input specifications. Is there any method to record the waveform?


Please use the 9322 Differential Probe to record the waveform of a 400V AC power supply.  It is also useful to measure the waveforms of high voltage like inverter output and PV systems, etc. Its maximum input voltage is 2000V DC /1000V AC (CAT II)/600V AC/DC (CAT III), and the output rate is 1/1000.
The normal input cord and 10:1 or 100:1 probes are dependent on the maximum rated voltage to the earth of the Memory HiCORDERs, but the 9322 offers CAT III 600V safety.
In addition to waveform recording, the 9322  has an RMS function and AC coupling function useful for detecting surge noise on a power supply circuit.

Please note that the MR8880 has a maximum rated voltage to the ground of CAT IV 300V / CAT III 600V.
Also, the maximum voltage between channels is 600V AC/DC, making it possible to measure a 400V circuit directly.