MR6000 and Windows 10 Anti-Virus Countermeasures

QIs the Memory HiCorder MR6000 vulnerable to computer viruses? If so, what are the countermeasures?


The Memory HiCorder MR6000 runs on the Windows 10 operating system.  Similar to a PC, if the MR6000 is connected to a computer network that is infected with a computer virus, or is inserted with a portable storage media device that contains a computer virus, there is concern that the recorder will also be infected with the virus.

In order to check for the presence of or remove a computer virus from the MR6000, please use commercially available anti-virus software in the form of a USB stick.  In addition, you can also remove all viruses by powering off and then restarting the MR6000, at which time its Windows 10 operating system will return to factory default condition.