Check points when the wireless LAN of LR8450-01 can not be connected.

QHave configured the wireless LAN settings for the Memory HiLogger LR8450-01, but it is not connected to the internal LAN. What should I check?


●Check points
- Access point side
1. The LR8450-01's wireless LAN specification is "Frequency band: 2.4 GHz / Available channels are 1 to 11". Check that the frequency band and channel of the access point are within the specifications.
2. Is the MAC address filter set on the access point? Please register the MAC address of LR8450-01 to the access point. For details on how to register the MAC address, please refer to the instruction manual.
3. Is the Radius server, which is the access point's connection authentication, being requested? Since the LR8450-01 is not supported to Radius certification, it cannot be connected.

- The LR8450-01 side
Please check your wireless LAN settings.
1. [SET] > [System] and select "Wireless LAN Settings".
2. Set the mode to Station.
3. Enter access point (AP) information such as SSID and security.
In addition, please check the initialization and reconfiguration of the communication settings, turn the power back on, and check the version of the instrument.

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