Expand Current Range for Use with the 50 mV full scale meter
(50 Hz/60 Hz, 0.5% class)

Key Features

  • Expand current range for the Meter Relay, or a switchboard meter
  • Use with a 50 mV meter relay


(Please download the brochure if you want to print this out in PDF)

Model No. (Order Code)

HS-1-30 30 A, class 0.5%
HS-1-50 50 A, class 0.5%
HS-1-75 75 A, class 0.5%
HS-1-100 100 A, class 0.5%
HS-1-150 150 A, class 0.5%
HS-1-200 200 A, class 0.5%
HS-1-300 300 A, class 1.0%
Note: These products are built-to-order. Please confirm specifications and delivery time with your authorized Hioki distributor or reseller.
Please note that connections' cores are not included. The total resistance of all shunt devices used should not exceed 0.1 Ω.
If product includes an instrument number or is packaged with an instrument, use in combination with that instrument.
Select a model such that input does not exceed 80% of the rating. (0.5 accuracy definition requirements: 80% or less of rated input, ambient temperature of 60 °C or less)

Basic specifications

The total resistance of the connection cord must be 0.1 Ω or less
Model Rated current Class
HS-1-30 30 A ±0.5 % at 80 % of rated current
60 °C or less around temperature
HS-1-50 50 A
HS-1-75 75 A
HS-1-100 100 A
HS-1-150 150 A
HS-1-200 200 A
HS-1-300 300 A ±0.5 % at 0 A to 200 A
±1.0 % at 200 A to 240 A
60 °C or less around temperature

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