500 A AC/DC Wideband and High-Precision Current Probe for Power Efficiency Testing

Hioki AC/DC clamp sensors are best-in-class current sensors for use with power meters, Memory HiCorders and high performance oscilloscopes. The CT6844 is a high-precision 500 A AC/DC current probe that features a wide operating temperature range and large jaw diameter, making them ideal for evaluating the operational integrity of devices that are subject to extreme temperature ranges.

Model No. (Order Code)

CT6844 To Be Discontinued, 500 A AC/DC, PL23 terminal
CT6844-05 500 A AC/DC, ME15W terminal
Note: These products cannot be used alone. The optional Sensor Unit is required in order to supply power and connect the clamp to a Memory HiCorder or other instrument. Products can be directly connected to the compatible Power Meters and Power Analyzers.

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